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This is a Work in Progress

March 13, 2014

I just started building this index to to all the world's high-tech employers. If your company is not yet listed, or you know of a company that employs software development, electrical engineering work, system administrators, quality assurance engineers, web designers or the like, please let me know by emailing mdcrawford@gmail.com.

It is best if you can send me, at the very least, the name of the employer or client, and the URL - that is, the link - to their website homepage. If you possibly can, please also tell me where they are located.

I Am Eternally In Your Debt. -- Mike

Local Jobs, Local Candidates:
The Global Computer Employer Index

Age discrimination is widespread in the software industry.


These are just what I have actually posted so far; I know about lots of others in other locations that I have not yet posted.

I know lots of ways to automate this index, so that for example you could drop a new employer right into my index, but I have not yet set up the automation. I know how to though. Doing this all manually, by using my super-secret sleuthing techniques to ferret out high-tech employers, as well as marking up static HTML documents, is actually helpful to me in figuring out how to automate.

This employment resource page is provided as a public service to the community by Solving the Software Problem .
Please contact Michael David Crawford with any corrections or additions

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