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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Solving The Software Problem:
Hypothesis Number One

My name is Jonathan Swift. I am to Solve what I at first called, then referred to but now denote as The Software Problem.

Software failure is fundamentally a human problem, not a technical one.

Purely technical solutions fail to effect truly meaningful and lasting change.

While I speculate that The Software Problem is ultimately just one problem, it is a complex one, in much the same way as the way a bound state of any number of elementary particles is also a particle. That is, an atom is itself a particle, despite being composed of multiple electrons, quarks as well as virtual photons and gluons.

My initial approach towards The Solution is to build A Taxonomy of Problems. This appears to be at first a single-rooted tree, but I have identified some cycles; perhaps there are disconnected branches as well, but do not yet know.

My initial taxonomy held three subproblems:

I welcome your contributions towards The Solution, but to contribute, you're going to need to do some reading first. As I elucidate my hypothesized cause and solution, you and I shall discuss it back and forth, in part to help me refine as well as build-out my hypothesis and solution, as well as to help you understand them.

The simplest statement of The Software Problem is known to Social Psychologists as a Crossed Social Transaction. That is, all of humanity has been arguing at cross-purposes since the dawn of humanity.

I ask you then to read Games People Play by Pyschiatrist Eric Berne M.D.

Look man that book has been in continuous print since 1965. It can be found in any good bookstore and will set you back less than breakfast at Denny's.

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