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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder
The dead bodies of the victims of 
the Mass Suicide of Jim Jones' Jonestown, Guyana People's Temple Cult

On November 18, 1978,
900 followers of Jim Jones' People's Temple
in Jonestown, Guyana, committed suicide
by drinking Cyanide-Laced Grape Kool-Ade

The Very Worst Symptom of Madness is NOT Psychotic Violence but Delusion

Those Who Do Not Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat It.

I write in response to Nimey's Kuro5hin Diary in which he asks how a desperately impoverished single mother could be furiously angry that the United States Supreme Court just upheld the Affordable Health Care Act.

I started looking into that very question back in 1974 when I was of but the tender age of eight, when I began puzzling over the strange question of how it could possibly be that, as reported by Conservative Columnist Jack Anderson, the Communist Party of Cambodia managed to convince the nation's children to rat out their parents to the Secret Police, followed not long after by Damn near overnight, every Cambodian who wore spectacles suddenly disappeared overnight.

Intellectuals, you see, might have the Insight required to make credible arguments against The Killing Fields.

Psychotic Delusion is The Very Worst Madness That Walks The Earth, because, while not always but often when one is Delusional, it becomes transparently obvious to the Delusional person what any first-year Physics student can readily demonstrate using the most elementary Quantum Mechanics, that in going from me to you, the apparently Concrete Reality that my identity stops at the surface of my skin and your identity starts at the surface of yours, is in reality what I call The Convenient Hallucination.

It's not just me saying it; a whole bunch of educated, experienced and board-certified Mental Health Professionals have agreed with me - even the Shrinks at the Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, California, as well as some Law Enforcement Officers with bright shiny badges and service pistols - that Psychotic people can see reality in a way that Sane people cannot.

That's important, you see, because if Sane people were not all hallucinating, we'd all still be picking fruit from all those African rainforest trees we were once so heavily into swinging around in.

The problem is that some forms of Psychosis, far from rendering one very low-functioning and so homeless or at best condemned to spend one's days in a State Psychiatric Hospital, sometimes leads one to be particularly charismatic, such as Marshall Applewhite was, and so obtain the Insight required to manipulate the minds of one's followers.

One's followers then not only willingly but quite enthusiastically commence participation in one's Delusion.

I myself pull that same stunt sometimes, but at least I have the G-d Given Sense to get myself to a Damn nuthouse stat whenever I myself began to attract followers.

That my friend, is why Software Engineering Is Very Serious Work.

"But what to do about it?" you shriek with terror.

A very reasonable question. That's why I write so much.

It happens that The Reality Construction Kit made front page right here at Kuro5hin on Friday, April 18, 2003. Absolutely all you require to put a permanent end to crap like Heaven's Gate, Jonestown, The Killing Fields, Adolf Hitler, NAZI Germany, the Holocaust as well as a whole bunch of Syrian Nerve Gas Missiles that can strike anywhere in Israel, Stalin's Purges, the list goes on....

... is to get the word out that, While Emmanuel Kant Was A Real Pissant, he was without a doubt stable when he elucidated then proved This Transparently Obvious Truth:

Reality is not something that just happens to you. Reality is something you make.


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