Formerly Two Essays for All Humanity
The World of Madness is Round
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This is an Incomplete Rough Draft.
Writing this book will require a year at the very least.
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My Journey to the Heavenly Plane
a Progress Report

That most rare and valuable of precious jewels: Wisdom.

Jonathan Swift

April 14, 2010

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I'm very sorry I know that when I told you of my Shamanic Journey the other day, which I embarked upon to ask G-d Almighty Himself an Important Question, not through the usual communication channel of prayer, but through the Up Close And Personal channel of Going There not so much in Body, not quite in Mind but definitely in Spirit, I promised that the very next day I would post a diary with the Answer He Gave me when I Asked.

It's not at all any manner of Secret I want to keep from you. I fully intend to shout the fucking thing from the very rooftops at my first opportunity. But...

The Answer seemed at first quite simple and straightforward, something I could easily post in a diary, and not even a very long one, but I completely failed to realize that because every Diety is so very busy with Their All-Encompassing Work, not only do They not have All Eternity in which to Answer such Questions, no, they have not even a microsecond to waste!

Thus each and every Word with which G-d Speaks to His Heavenly Host, is, with the understanding that a picture is worth a thousand words, each of His Words is worth a thousand pictures.

I asked but a simple Question and got what struck me at first as a simple Answer. It was only upon reflecting on this simple Answer for a little while that what seemed at first but a few words began to unravel and to unpack and to unfold within my Awestruck Mind, yielding not just words, not just pictures, but every manner of Insight, Information, Knowledge and that most rare and valuable of precious jewels: Wisdom.

The language with which the Dieties speak is so very complex that the most any Mortal can ever expect to learn of Their Language is but a few words. Those few are plenty for most of us, but if still unsatisfied, The Heavenly Host invites the lot of us to learn Their Language with complete fluency!

It's just that doing so requires a certain time and commitment: one must study, and diligently so, through many lifetimes of birth, death, reincarnation, birth, death, reincarnation again and again for an unquantifiable passage of time. Providing one finds some way, upon each reincarnation, to rediscover one's eagerness to learn Their Language, in fact, absolutely Everything They Have To Say will ultimately be as plain and as clear as the Front Page of The San Francisco Chronicle.

I've toyed with the idea, but I think for now, I'll satisfy myself with the few words I have been able to understand in the forty-five years I've walked this particular iteration of my Mortal Coil.

One reasonably expects that when one asks G-d a question, the Answer He Gives will be the Correct one. In a sense it is, but that's not quite the way one should understand it.

When one asks G-d a Question, one must be prepared to forever and irrevocably accept whatever Answer He Gives. No matter what Question one asks any manner of Diety, in much the same way as G-d Almighty Himself possesses not the power to undo the past, those who Ask Him Questions possess not the power to Un-Ask any of those Questions.

To Ask such a Question is not a commitment to be entered into lightly, for fun, on a dare, to get high or to Ask A Question which might be answered - lowercase "answered" - in any other way.

G-d is quite diligent about His Important Work: in much the same way as Richard Stallman spares no effort to reply to absolutely every email anyone ever sends him, G-d similarly Answers - Personally - absolutely every Question. Each of the two regard such effort as central to each of Their very important Work.

Thus, simply to Ask such a Question, results in a Burden which one can never put down, a Burden which none may ever lighten for us by taking it, nor even just lifting a bit, from our shoulders.

I have actually come quite some ways towards fully understanding the Answer He Gave me, but I'm not quite where I need to be yet.

Soon though. I spend all day, all into the evening, then when I sleep, all night in the Mind of My Dreams, contemplating, puzzling over then ultimately grasping the Answer He Gave me.

The very instant I am able to, I'll translate the lot of It into Plain English, then post it right here into a Software Problem Website Near You.

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The World of Madness is Round
Formerly Two Essays for All Humanity