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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Warp Life Beta Test

Our personal take on the Cellular Automaton
known as John Conway's Game of Life.

Here is the User Guide. Just the introduction and the Main Screen so far. I'll complete it soon.

Warp Life is now at version 1.0b2 Release Candidate 6. Download each of the following three files then follow the instructions to install:

To install, tether your unit to your computer with your USB connector.

Launch iTunes.

Drag Warp_Life_1.0b2_r6.ipa and Warp_Life_2011-08-07.mobileprovision onto the Library selection in the list to the left.


You should now be able to disconnect and run Warp Life on your unit.

I downloaded a few sample Run Length Encoded files from the Life Wiki.

To try them out, save the Sample RLE Files zip file to your Desktop, then double-click it to unzip it.

Tether your unit to your computer with your USB cable.

Launch iTunes.

Click on the icon of your unit in the list to the left.

Click on the Apps tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the window. Click on Warp Life in the Apps list on the left.

Press the Add button. Select the contents of the unzipped folder - not the folder itself. You can select more than one file at a time.

Sync. After syncing is complete, you can disconnect your USB cable.

The RLE files will now be available from the File Management menu that appears when you tap the Document button at the bottom of the Main Window when Warp Life is in Run Mode.

I'll be providing the RLE files built into Warp Life soon so that it will no longer be necessary to install them with iTunes. There will be a lot more of them.

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