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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

To Do List for
Upcoming Warp Life™ Releases

Our personal take on the Cellular Automaton
known as John Conway's Game of Life.

Most would call this a roadmap, but that's a different thing. A software product's roadmap is a statement of what's intended for the future. This to-do list might be more accurately described as a list of release blockers.

We are quite close to the Beta 2 Release of Warp Life.

There are a couple bugs to fix first. One is a 100% reproducible crash and so should be easy to fix. The other is a severe user interface defect, but is difficult to fix. That might take more time and effort.

Many of our colleagues assert that Open Source's "Release Early, Reason Often" mantra states that we would do well to release what we've got, without fixing the bugs. But we view "Release Early, Release Often" as the problem, not the solution. We'll explain our reasoning later, but primary among them is that Warp Life is Free Software, NOT Open Source. Free Software and Open Source are quite different things, and Dulcinea Technologies Corporation is squarely in Richard Stallman's camp.

We plan to release the code under the GNU General Public License, but there are several variants of it, more than most think, so we need to choose Warp Life's specific variant carefully.

Before we can choose specific license terms, we need to read the GNU General Public License version 3 very, very carefully. We've tried to do so before, but it doesn't make a damn bit of sense to us. Not that it's ill-intentioned, just that the statement of the license is very, very difficult for us to actually understand.

We need to decide on, then write down a policy on Warp Life's Trademark. It's very important that any use of "Warp Life" stated just that way refer only to Dulcinea Technology Corporation's product, but we don't want to "IceWeasel" our product as the Mozilla folks did with Firefox. We know where to go for expert advice, but just have not done so yet.

We need to configure Dulcinea's Subversion Repository for anonymous access. We know how to do so now, we just need to get to it.

We need to configure Makefile builds for Warp Life so that one need not use Xcode on Intel Mac OS X to build it. That would enable building it on PowerPC Mac OS OX, Linux and Windows. We're not sure yet whether we will support actually building it on those platforms, but setting up the Makefile will make it a lot easier for others to get started at building on other platforms themselves.

We will send the source code to some other iOS developers - privately - so they can confirm that someone else other than us can actually build it. A common cause for the failure of many Free and Open Source Software projects is that those who are not experts in the codebase are completely unable to build it.

Once we have all the above done, and feel we have the Beta 2 source ready, we'll populate our Subversion Repository with Warp Life's source code.

Once we know that an anonymous checkout of that code will build the right binary, we'll post the binary of Beta 2, announce it to our Beta Testers, then announce the Free Software release to the world, for example at Kuro5hin, Soylent News, Advogato and Freecode.

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