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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Don Miguel
and the
Cute Little Red-Headed Girls

Chapter 1: I Love Them From Afar.

By Michael David Crawford

May 14, 2016

Copyright © 2016 Michael David Crawford. All Rights Reserved.

I am forced by my Knight-Errant's Code of Honour to confess that my hanging out at cafes all over G-d's Creation is NOT about buying a coffee to pay for my table nor is it about the wireless Internet, power sockets, restrooms nor staying inside out of the cold the wind and the rain.


It's about flirting with cute baristas.

For the most part it's not serious, but the lady I'm seeing as of late is a swing shift restaurant waitress.

I should be sleeping right now but stayed up then rode two different busses and went way, way out of my way just to chat up a particular cute young thing who I had not seen for months. Upon my return to her place of work early Thursday morning, she not only recognized me but remembered by name!

Imagine my dismay when I found her working today, but some other barista - an old bald guy, as a former Eagle Scout he's adecent enough chap but he's not cute enough for me - opened the second register then asked me for my order!

It was the lunch rush!

My cute young thing was extremely harried. I sat in such a way that I might hopefully catch her eye, but no, it was not to be.

Was she AVOIDING my glance? Am I to be unlucky in love yet again?

No! My Heart Leaps! O Frabjuous Day! It has all been worthwhile!

She saw me looking her way, hopefully... eagerly... looked me in the eye then smiled!

That’s enough for me. For now.

For now at least. But if I time my request of a refill for my cup of water just right...

One last word:

When one gets married, one is not turned to stone. Before asking her out for coffee, check for the ring, M’Kay?

-- Been There

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