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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder
Mike wearing a brown Corduroy Flat Cap.

I was twenty years old when
I shot this self-portrait in my
Ricketts House room's mirror at Caltech."

"I Have Gone Through
the Looking-Glass"
by Michael David Crawford

Coming August 2019!
"You're hallucinating"
"No I'm not!"
"Do you ever hear someone call your name,
and you go looking for them,
and they're not there?"

Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital
Mental Health Unit
April 4th, 1994

I waited in the lobby while my quite-shocked Psychotherapist Dr. K. discussed my case with Dominican's Intake Psychologist Joan Junquera as well as one other of its staff whose name I didn't get.

Dr. K. called me in to one of the Mental Health Unit's two Locked Wards.

"Why are you here?" asked Joan.

"I have gone Through The Looking-Glass."

"I don't understand."

"We are on a chess board. You are on the White Squares; I am on a Black Square."

"I understand that in more traditional cultures, the Schizoaffectives are the Shamans."

Quite suddenly and completely out of nowhere my entire life made sense.

I was discharged four days later.

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