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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Should I Go To Work
At Midnight Or Five AM?

I just slept for twenty-four hours.

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

January 30, 2007

Copyright © 2007 Michael David Crawford. All Rights Reserved.

So I was able to fix the bug I discussed in my previous diary. An OS X I/O Kit device path was exceeding the size of io_string_t, a fixed 512-byte buffer uses to pass strings back and forth between userspace and the kernel. I couldn't increase the size of io_string_t, being under Apple's control, so I shortened the name of our driver enough to make its path fit.

And then I went home and slept for twenty-four hours. Actually, I set my alarm for the morning, got up, showered and shaved, then went back to bed.

I had rescheduled my piano lesson from Monday to today, then slept through the rescheduled one. I apologized profusely to my teacher, and she agreed to reschedule for Thursday, but then sent a mail telling me I'd have to pay for any further missed lessons.

I was working so hard on that bug that I haven't been practicing piano as much as I should have, so I'm going to do so shortly. But I won't have time for a full practice before the last SkyTrain stops running at one. Should wait and I take the first train in in the morning?

I could use the extra time to work on Ogg Frog.

Yesterday I got to work about 1:30 AM but didn't leave unti 7 PM. Today I didn't show up at all because I was sleeping, and didn't call or email to notify anyone. For some reason I'm not able to download my work email, so I don't know if they're concerned.

That problem fitting a device path into an io_string_t - Apple is going to have to make them bigger in an update to OS X. Possibly that will break third-party apps unless we all recompile.

Device drivers in the OS X I/O Kit are arranged in a tree structure, just like files and directories in a filesystem. And each node has a path, just like a file pathname.

The problem is that the device trees are bigger in today's modern, more complex hardware. I don't think my company is the only one to have hit this problem, though possibly I'm the first developer to figure it out, because Apple Developer Tech Support wasn't able to.

I'm still a little dopey from all that sleep, so I don't think I can go in right now.

A problem is that I just joined a new time just to fix this bug, and I don't know what my next assignment will be. If my project manager emailed it to me, I'll be able to get my work done, otherwise I'd just be wasting my time to go work so early.

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