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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Cricket looking over her shoulder

Tonight's Open Mic Is CANCELLED
Due To Family Emergency

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

October 9, 2008

My cat Cricket has disappeared.

Yeah, I know that page is pretty sketchy. I'll finish it when I can deal with it, but probably not for a while.

Now, I've lived with cats my entire life - I was given my first kitten when I myself was just an infant. So I wouldn't begrudge my kitty a night on the town, but in this case it's different:

She had surgery yesterday to drain an abscess on her front paw. A drainage tube is stitched into her paw pad, and she's wearing an Elizabethan collar.

Despite all that, she made her escape by pushing aside a Venetian blind - a real wooden blind, and so very heavy - walking out on the roof and jumping - or more likely stumbling and falling - to the ground below.

She must be in terrible pain, but is beyond reach of her pain pills. She's also way overdue for her antibiotic, and is likely to get infected again.

I hope you can forgive me - my plan for tonight is to wait anxiously by the phone, in between more searches of my neighborhood and the posting of "Lost Cat" signs.

But if you did go to the Open Mic , I'm sure you'd enjoy the other artists - they're all excellent performers, and most perform their own material.

Sorry if you were hoping to get a free CD . I'm disappointed too - I had a pack of fifty all ready to go. It's a Hell of a lot of work to burn and label that many every week.

I'm afraid I wasn't home when Cricket did her daring deed: I was at work through the night, as I had to make up all the time I spent dealing with Cricket's injury yesterday. When I got home this morning I found her gone. It took some time to figure out her escape route, as the heavy blinds hid my open window from view.

I reported Cricket to 24 Pet Watch, a central Microchip clearinghouse. (She was microchipped by the Santa Cruz SPCA the day I adopted her.)

They checked with the local shelters, but I wasn't surprised she wasn't found as she also has a metal tag engraved with her name, and my phone number and address. I'm sure that if someone had found her, she'd be home by now.

I expect that she's found a nice, safe comforting cubbyhole to hide in - cats are that way when they are upset. Unfortunately that also hides her from my view.

And yes, I have searched - the roof, under every bush in the yard, as well as under every bush in the neighborhood.

A cat would ordinarily have no problem jumping off a roof - but with an Elizabethan collar, and one paw injured and horribly painful, I doubt she landed right. She may be terribly injured, and I'm beside myself with worry and grief.


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