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Let's Play Twenty Questions

This idea of mine, for oh so long I have told myself, that was a dream for a much younger Mike.

I was Interviewed by CBC Radio Today

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away." -- Philip K. Dick

In Which A Giant Asteroid
Strikes Wall Street,
Transforming Manhattan
Into An Undersea Volcano

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet.

Has Apple Opened Itself Up To
A Billion-Dollar Lawsuit?

The Magsafe Power Adapter
is dangerously defective.

Mike at the Open Mike:
This Time For Sure

I'll make sure I actually show up this time.

Surprising Medical Advice

Plant your corn early.

Of Open Mics, Or, Epic Failures

I screwed up. I'm determined never to do so again.

Mike at the Open Mic: Bare Foot Coffee Roasters, Santa Clara

I'll be playing at Bare Foot every Thursday evening for the next couple months.

Of Open Mics and Stromboli

I regaled Bonita with stories of all the creative, fun and interesting things I did, but in all our years together, I did none of them.

Letter to a Computer Science Professor

I have a terrible problem, it has plagued me throughout much of my twenty-year career as a software engineer.

I Beat OpenOffice Into Submission

It really shouldn't be this hard


If one possesses gumption, one can accomplish just about anything. That's what I don't have.

Why I Live Like a Hermit

Where does all the money go?

Happy News

I never thought I'd see the day.

Maddy is Gone

I always adopt from a shelter; she came from the one in Rockland, Maine.

A Small But Significant Milestone

A lot of things had to come together before I could start mailing my free CDs.

A Small Victory

Amateurs play for fun. Professionals play for keeps.

My Head Just Exploded

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

Gumption Traps

Everything came to a screeching halt.

I Just Bought Running Shoes

I'm hoping that running will give me more energy.

Attention Vancouver Infidels

I will be in town through New Year's Day.


I may have wandered off course, but I haven't lost my way.

Real Soon Now

I explain why it's taking me so long to release new recordings of my music.

Help Me With My Homepage?

It has never gotten much search engine traffic.

I've Never Screwed Up This Way Before

I walked back into the living room this morning after pouring a second cup of coffee, when Bonita said...

I Understand That Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

There was a surprise waiting for me when I got home last night.

My Oyster

I sleep so much that I don't have enough time to get what I want out of life.

Maving Back To The US?

I don't want to have to pay customs duties on my stuff.

California Stars

I'm saying goodbye to Vancouver.

Musical Anxiety

Pride is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins.

Damn Near Quit My Job Today

I'm sick to death of the crap I get from morning people.

My Internet Works Now

I have only been able to use the net in a serious way when I was at one of the many cafes in Vancouver that offer free wireless.


Bonita named her Mademoiselle at first, because she wears a French maid's outfit.


It's a side effect of the medicine I take for my mental illness.


A form of Vitamin B12, it offers some hope of treating my sleep disorder.

Quality Time With Ogg Frog

A day in the life of a Free Software programmer.

Ogg Frog Or Bust

Ogg Frog needs some real quality time if I'm ever to finish it.

Mister Sand Man Sent Me A Dream

I sleep more than anyone I know.

Physical Fitness: Day One

I fear I could have a heart attack if I don't get into shape.

Never Say Die!

I am the best there is at debugging.

9-Mar-2007 [K5]
The Fruit Of The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil

The Good Book says it was an apple, but there are many kinds of apples.

8-Mar-2007 [K5]
Jump Ship?

I love my current company, my coworkers, the software products I work on, and living in Vancouver. But...

I Bought Jesus A Smokie Last Night

I think John is mentally ill. I think John is deeply depressed.


For many years my ambition has been to be a composer someday. But I have never, until early this morning, done any composer's most important job.

Athletes of the Small Muscle

"We are athletes of the small muscle." -- pianist Leon Fleisher

Nite Owls

Everyone seems to be OK with me working nights. For one thing, I don't have any trouble putting in more hours this way.

Open Mic Tuesday In North Vancouver

Maybe I'll play better this time.

Michael David Crawford Live At The Cellar - Tonight!

I'm playing the Open Mic at The Cellar at Granville and Nelson streets in downtown Vancouver BC.

Should I Go To Work At Midnight, Or Five AM?

I just slept for twenty-four hours.

Late Night At Blenz Coffee

I'm on the hunt for an elusive bug.

Finding Jesus

'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'


How hard can it be to show a stranger a moment of kindness?

Subscribe To My New RSS Feed!

An old link whore crawls out of the Stone Age.

10-Jan-2007 Practice, Practice, Practice!

It's the way to get to Carnegie Hall.

8-Jan-2007 [K5]
The F-Word

Would this woman think I was asking for a date?

12-Dec-2006 [K5]
The Sad Woman

I saw a young woman crouched down on the ground, against a wall. She was crying sorrowfully.

11-Dec-2006 [K5]
I Just Turned Down A Google Recruiter

I'm quite happy to stay with my job in Vancouver BC.

Making Good

Let me tell you about The Mother Of All Budgets.

Ogg Frog: Back On Track

The first substantial work on my own software product for several months.

Conflict Resolution?

I don't want to move out of my apartment but I'll have to if my landlady doesn't stop driving me bananas.

My Secret Phase-Shifting Sleep Plan

While I've never been a morning person, I don't like working all alone in the office late at night.

Normal Is Just A Setting On The Washing Machine

I'm a productive little worker bee, but I'm too tired at the end of the day to carry out my grand ambitions.

9-Oct-2006 [K5]
I Just Bought A Litebook

If I don't stop sleeping all day I'm going to get fired from my job.


I don't like what I have become.

23-Sep-2006 [K5]
Why Does This Move Me So?

Let those who come after see to it that their names not be forgotten.

17-Sep-2006 [K5]
Writing as a Symptom of Mental Illness

Nothing comforts me when I'm anxious the way writing does, and I have never been so anxious as when I moved to Vancouver.

6-Sep-2006 [K5]
My Deepest Fear

They're the worse kind of police there are. If they catch you, there ain't no attorney gonna save your ass: You're going DOWN.

5-Sep-2005 [K5]
A Time-Honored Technique

I have every intention of repaying my debts but it's going to take some time.

2-Sep-2005 [K5]
I Have Blisters On Both My Feet

Flexitol Deep Cooling Gel. It's the shit, I'm telling you. "soothes & cools HOT and TINGLING feet". Yes, yes it does.

2-Sep-2006 [K5]
Leaving Home

In which I kiss my wife goodbye then fly from Truro, Nova Scotia to Vancouver, British Columbia for my new job.

31-Aug-2006 [K5]
So I Took The Job In Vancouver's Gastown

My first night in Vancouver: unable to get online from my hotel, I set off in search of wireless Internet and made my first friend.

23-Aug-2006 [K5] [HuSi]
Is Vancouver's Gastown Safe At Night?

Should I take the job? It's on the edge of the Downtown Eastside, the poorest neighborhood in Canada and widely regarded as a dangerous place to be.

I've Never Screwed Up This Way Before

I walked back into the living room this morning after pouring a second cup of coffee, when Bonita said...

Mike Crawford wearing his Tilley Hat

The (Now Inappropriately Named) Vancouver Diaries

I left my wife behind in Atlantic Canada so I could make a better life for both of us on the West Coast.

Dear Dr. M.,

As I write this I'm seated in First Class aboard a plane climbing from the Ottawa airport. Tomorrow is my first day at my new job at a software company in Vancouver, British Columbia.

When I came to Canada three years ago I was a broken man. I was sick of programming and didn't know how I could provide for myself. But in recent months, writing software has given me a joy I have not known for years. Now I'm being flown across the country to my new job.

Software consulting is a hard way to live, but it has the advantage that one can live anywhere; for three years I lived in Nova Scotia while most of my clients were in the United States. Before that I consulted from Owl's Head, Maine, St. John's, Newfoundland, as well the remote fishing village in rural Newfoundland where my wife Bonita grew up, and Santa Cruz, California where I lived for fifteen years before my Bonita and I moved to St. John's to get married.


or Salariman (Japanese: サラリーマン, sararīman) is a Japanese term for a white-collar worker.

-- Wikipedia

What consulting doesn't provide is any kind of security. It's a good job for someone who is young, single and with nothing to lose, but not for a married man who is trying to put his wife through school. We had both long grown weary of all the chaos, uncertainty and quiet, clawing desperation. Something had to change. I knew I had to get a salaryman job.

But we had a problem: my wife has a year to go at her art school in Halifax before she graduates, but there is very little of the kind of computer programming work I do anywhere in Atlantic Canada. Once I realized this, I began to apply for jobs all over the country.

The job I found was in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Pacific Coast and thousands of miles from my home and the woman I love.

I had never been to Vancouver and didn't know a soul there.

Please join me as I tell my story.

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