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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Ogg Frog Or Bust

Ogg Frog needs some real quality time
if I'm ever to finish it.

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

March 30, 2007

Copyright © 2007 Michael David Crawford. All Rights Reserved.

So as I said in my previous Vancouver Diary, progress on Ogg Frog has been halted for quite some time because I need to rearchitect a good chunk of it to fix a deadlock.

Rippit the Ogg Frog

It took so long to figure out the problem because it only happened rarely at first. But my first stab at fixing it had the result that it happens almost every time I play a track now. That's progress, in the sense that it's easier to fix a bug that's easy to reproduce.

(As I write this about a hundred cyclist are riding by on Robson Street, whooping and hollering and largely ignoring the outraged motorists that are honking their horns.)

I've had a good idea as to how to fix the problem, but what I haven't had is real quality time to devote to it.

Because I sleep so much, most weekends since I've been in Vancouver I've had to go into the office to make up time lost sleeping. I was still able to get work done on Ogg Frog, but then what I was coding wasn't so difficult.

Also I've been devoting a lot of time to practicing piano. I have a wonderful new piano teacher now named Angela Bonilla, and I don't want my time with her to be wasted.

So this week my focus has been on not sleeping so much, and getting to work each day so I don't have to work on the weekend. As of now, Friday evening, I have succeeded, and I also made some good progress at work.

I haven't done so good at practicing the piano though - I've been so tired most evenings when I got home that I went right to sleep.

Tonight I'm determined to practice though. I don't feel so tired now. I'll get started on Ogg Frog in the morning.

I'm afraid quite a bit of work remains before I'll have a release, but hopefully if I can get over this hurdle this weekend I'll start making steady progress again.

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