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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Ogg Frog: Back On Track

The first substantial work on my own software product for several months.

Michael David Crawford
October 13, 2006

Copyright © 2006 Michael David Crawford. All Rights Reserved.

As I write this I'm listening to Ogg Frog playing an MP3 of Leo Kottke's "Jack Gets Up", from his album My Father's Face.

Rippit the Ogg Frog

Rippit the Ogg Frog

Before tonight Ogg Frog could only play Ogg Vorbis files. But what's significant is not that I achieved an increment of progress towards 1.0's planned feature set but that I wasn't too tired after work today to work on Ogg Frog.

I considered hanging around at the cafe after work, but decided, no, I have dreams to fulfill, and the way to do that is to go home and work on my own software product. Also by going home I saved money - the Supremo Iced Americanos I like to drink aren't cheap.

I was finding it hard to stick to our budget because I was spending so much money eating in restaurants and drinking coffee in cafes. The obvious way to stay on track with my money is to buy food and coffee at the grocery store and cook at home.

But until recently I didn't enjoy hanging out at my apartment much at all. I live alone, so there's no one to talk to there. At first I only had what I brought in two suitcases on the plane, so there wasn't much in my apartment to keep me occupied.

But it's getting better. Weekend before last I bought an M-Audio ProKeys 88sx lightweight stage piano, so I've started getting back into practice after a several month hiatus. I've been wanting one for months, to take to open mics as my Fatar keyboard, having hammer-action keys, is very heavy to carry around.

I'll devote a whole diary to it soon, but for now I'll say that I'm very pleased with my purchase, and find that the unweighted keys surprisingly don't give me trouble. It took very little time to get used to them.

For the MP3 support in Ogg Frog I used libmad and just enough of libid3tag to skip over version 2 tags, which are placed at the beginning of the file. I'll add display and editing of the tags later on.

libmad lives up to its claim to be an excellent decoder - all the tracks I've listened to sound really good.

There's more I'd like to say but I should go to bed now. Early to bed, early to rise, or so they say.

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