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Michael David Crawford's
Computer Industry Resignation

I resolve no longer to accept pay for software engineering. I am leaving the industry to focus on my writing.

Michael David Crawford, Consulting Software Engineer
Solving The Software Problem

Dear Friends,

For deeply held personal and ethical reasons, I have decided the leave the computer industry to focus on my writing.

This decision is hard to explain but has been a long time coming.

I have been in many ways successful in the industry. My work is well-known and highly regarded. But I myself do not find satisfaction with my work.

While I regard my colleagues with the highest esteem, I have come to regard the computer industry itself as a den of iniquity. The nature of my own personal working style is also very lonely. I must be alone to focus, and code most productively late at night, when not one is around

I am quite significantly mentally ill, in several significantly different ways, primarily with Bipolar-Type Schizoaffective Disorder. It's much like being Manic-Depressive and Schizophrenic at the same time.

I wish to devote my attention to my writing in part to teach other mentally ill colleagues how to make better lives for themselves, and to teach those who care for us how to do a better job.

Computers are dandy, sure but what I aim to yield is the benefit of my hard-won experience.

Don't worry about me. I'll find a way to get by. I always do.

Your Servant,

Michael David Crawford

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