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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

This Needs Work.

Judge Kavanaugh Likes His Beer

In determining whether Brett Kavanaugh is suitable for a lifetime appointment
to the Supreme Court, we need not consider whether he or Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth.

The man is in heavy denial about his quite severe alcoholism.

If you watch his defense of Ford's accusations, some of the Senators start questioning Kavanaugh about his drinking. He makes plain that he still drinks like a fish, what's more he quite aggressively defends the fact that he "likes beer".

Certain kinds of addicts revere their drug of choice as if it were a deity. When such addicts seek relief in religion, the faithful who tend to them speak of the addicts having a "worship disorder".

In that hearing he's not defending himself or his drinking, rather Kavanaugh is defending beer itself in much the same way as any passionately religious person would defend their God.

I've seen that kind of addicted worship before.

There's nothing anyone can do about the addict or their drug - and I include alcohol when I say "drug". The addict won't stop using until they make the decision to do so of their own free will. Some do stop and so commence their recovery, but a great many go to their graves without ever developing the slightest insight.

A great many go to their graves because their drug sent them there.

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