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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

I Have to See a Man About a Horse

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

Friday, July 6, 2018

A certain Mr. Ishola of The Nigerian Mafia quite justifiably put a price on my head.
I've always wanted one as I think they're quite cool.

But ever so inconveniently Mr. Ishola just happens to know where I live.

That I shall make myself scarce I regard as unfortunate: I have come to enjoy my small happy home in The Burbs.

Emmanuel Olusoji Ishola, Romance Scammer

Emmanuel Olusoji Ishola,
Romance Scammer

First thing this morning I'll purchase a tent and some blankets and a campstove as well as some fuel. The Portland Police Bureau doesn't enforce the laws against camping these days. Without any doubt I shall find myself welcomed when I pitch my new home under the Interstate 5 bridge from North Portland to Hayden Island.

I shall then pack up my stuff as fast as I possibly can. Haulers are cheap and my locker has plenty of space.

Come Monday I'll drop off my house keys at the mental health clinic.

While Mr. Ishola knows as well that I work at the NedSpace co-working facility in Oldtown Portland, NedSpace's street address is nowhere to be found.

One requires an access code to ride the elevator to my floor after hours and on weekends. During business hours there are so very many coming and so very many going that I can expect to blend in with the crowd.


Michael David Crawford, 1964 -

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