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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

I Promised My Lady I Would
Stop Staying Awake All Night

But I'll be up all night tonight. In the morning I'll go to work without having slept.

For me to stay up all night is the only way I can put real quality time into my own projects.

(My lady often complains that I work too much. :-/ )

Right now it is crucial that I devote time to my websites because I will soon complete my client's contract. I already signed my next client but their job will only take me a week or two.

I don't have any potential clients after I'm done with this next client's work.

All of my websites link to all my other websites. By adding fresh, quality content to any of my sites increases the Link Popularity of my business site.

Google, Bing, Yandex, Soso and all the other search engines consider each web page's Link Popularity when determining where to place each page in its listing of search hits.

The very best way to improve one's search engine rank is to post fresh, quality content regularly. That I actually do so leads my site's visitors to recommend my websites to others by sharing them on Facebook, by tweeting them on Twitter as well as linking to my sites from their own websites, their weblogs and from message boards.

Tonight - or rather, this morning - I'm working on:

Lately I've been quite productive at making my Index work better for smartphones.

As a Caltech student I realized that I could stay awake longer than any of my schoolmates - without using any stimulants. Drinking coffee resulted in my burning out faster so I was unable to stay up as long as I could without coffee.

When I started contract programming in 2007 I found that I could stay awake and do productive work for as long as four days. That could be helpful when Bonita and I needed money: by working without sleep for days enabled me to achieve milestones faster and so get paid sooner by my clients.

In 2010, when I was at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications I had the problem of hallucinating vividly during my drive home. I perceived the headlights of oncoming cars as well as pedestrians running across the freeway in front of me. I did my best to assure myself they weren't real and so would drive right through them.

Happily none of those pedestrians were live human beings.

That led me to determine precisely when I really needed to sleep. After four days I started seeing such subtle hallucinations as my bathroom rug sparkling.

Rugs don't sparkle.

Just once, in July 1985 I was awake for five solid days. I hallucinated so hard that I could not see where I was going when I tried to walk.

But all those marathon days and nights are years behind me now. The most I have been able to stay awake during the last few years is one day, one night then into the early evening of the following day.

There is a real possibility that my recent visit to the Emergency Room was the result of staying up all night last Tuesday then working for my client all day Wednesday. I got lots of sleep after that but the ER doctor and the Stroke doctor agreed that I might have had a small stroke on Wednesday. The ER doc ordered an MRI scan of my head.

MRI scans are fiendishly expensive because the MRI machines are so costly.

I did tell the ER's triage nurse about my completely dysfunctional Circadian Rhythm. I think she recorded that in my computer file but I didn't mention it to any of the ER staff.

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