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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Rice and Beans

Of the twenty-one amino acids, nine are essential to humans:
histine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, phenyalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Just now I sacrificed a chicken - we have a coop in the corner of NedSpace's lounge for just such an occasion - slapped its entrails on my computer monitor then contemplated said entrails until the Goddess Vesta explained to me that were I not to find some way to prevent - or at least to delay - my death through malnutrition, I would no longer be permitted to pay such rapt attention to the fascinating events of the day.

I followed this by thirty-seven bong hits of opiated hash, which cannabis and which poppies Pope Francis grew himself in a small garden, secure from the prying eyes of the Caribinieri within the Vatican's high stone walls. This prepared me to tear my eyes away from The Series Of Tubes but for a moment that they may lazily wander around my general vicinity until they came to rest on a large box of Minute Rice.

Which Minute Rice which with water added in the proportions specified by the product package is now in the microwave oven in NedSpace's kitchen. I remain concerned about how I shall ensure that my protein is "balanced" - that I shall at the very same instant consume all the Amino Acids required to sustain human life, which Amino Acids are not always the same set thereof as are required to sustain the lives of other species.

But I dimly remember a happier day as a child, something involving my father's great enthusiasm for certain elixir brewed from sodium chloride, acetic acid and something having to do with Louisiana that is soon to fall victim to the Sea Surface Elevation Increase that Climate Change visits upon coastal neighborhoods, as well as a close friend - a Texan - who told me two years ago that he had but one year to live yet failed to keep his own promise. Somewhere in there I as well that I know but do not know why I know Armadillo meat is tasty, nutritious and readily obtained by employing a gadget composed of a razor blade and a stamped sheet-metal handle to scrape said Armadillo flesh off the pavement of the Texan public highways.

But now the opium and the hash are wearing off - but slowly. I am still quite certain that there is a special significance to NedSpace's kitchen, but find myself strangely unable to obtain the insight required to determine what said significance actually is.

I'll drop Wesley an e-mail after I post this. That's my Texan friend who announced that he would soon commence Pushing Up The Daisies yet failed to actually Push-Up said Daisies.

He'll know what it is about Armadillos that Texans find so strangely fascinating.



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