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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

The Spinning Fan

I assert that Donald Trump's powerful influence of the members of his Base as well as
the staff of the Trump Whitehouse is due to his being quite-dangerously Psychotic.

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A woman I once dated took a Film Studies class at UC Santa Cruz. When I asked what she learned in it Jan explained that movies quite commonly portray what have by now become quite stereotyped yet highly-symbolic metaphors either immediately preceding or in direct response to significant plot developments.

Jan gave the specific example of the camera's focus on a spinning fan:

"That means the shit's going to hit the fan."

Since last Wednesday, my studies of the text printed at the bottom of CNN's 24-Hour newscasts leads me to assert that our nation's movie camera is focussed on a such a Spinning Fan right now.

I have written extensively about my life-long interest in Cult Phenomena ever since the Spring of 1997 when thirty-eight talented young Web Designers as well as members of San Diego's Heaven's Gate UFO Cult and their elderly leader Marshall Applewhite committed suicide with such great enthusiasm that they all wore brand-new Nike High-Top sneakers so as to be properly dressed for the occasion.

Cohesive groups of equally-influential people generally choose their group's most-charismatic member to be their leader. Thus we've all been voting for the candidate with the better of the two Major Party candidate's Good Hair commencing September 26th, 1960 when Nixon faced JFK during our nation's very first televised Presidential Election debate while sporting quite a severe case of Five O'Clock Shadow.

The Psychotic symptoms that my Bipolar-Type Schizoaffective Disorder at times leads me to experience as well as my observations as well as occasional studies of other Psychotic people led me during the Summer of 2010 to advance the hypothesis that they very worst symptom of Psychosis is not Violence but Delusion. And why?

A certain specific type of Delusion enables the Psychotic to capture the minds of everyone they come into close contact with. I am as-yet unclear whether my following theory is original with me or has been reported by others before me.

Cults might but will not not always be formed when such cohesive groups are also isolated from the rest of society. If that group's most-charismatic leader is also Delusional, they'll become that isolated, cohesive group's Cult Leader then will proceed to capture the minds of every last member of the group.

The required type of Delusion enables the Delusional person to experience a certain Reality that the Sane cannot.

What leads mentally-healthy folks to be in a very real sense divorced from that certain Reality I denote as The Convenient Hallucination doubtlessly its proper name can be found in the Psychologic or the Socialogical Literature, but I haven't yet researched it.

My discussions of this particular kind of Hallucination with several Mental Health Professionals as well as some Law Enforcement Officers lead them all to assure me that The Convenient Hallucination was very real as well as to readily agree with my own observation that not to experience The Convenient Hallucination and so to be in that certain Reality is an unmistakeable symptom of Psychosis.

Just by reading the text at the bottom of CNN's broadcast on the NedSpace lounge's TV when I pass through it on my way to and from my office and the Gentlemen's Room leads me to assert that the Trump White House is just today much like the Nixon White House on the very day that President famously asserted on live television that "I am not a crook".

Trump : Nixon :: "There was no collusion." : "I am not a crook."

That our nation is in profoundly deep, serious trouble I realized with growing horror late this afternoon when CNN's Bottom Text labeled as "Breaking News" today's Washington Post report that the willingness of the Republican Party's Senators to gang up on Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been increasing in direct response to Trump's mindlessly-relentless lobbying of the GOP's Senators to actually do so.

Throughout my Mother Country's entire history since July 4, 1776, despite that I aced World and American History in high school and have been widely read on History since I graduated in 1982 I am unable to find so much as one instance of any party's Senators ganging up on any of their President's Cabinet members whether that President was of the same party as those Senators or of their opposing party.

Hilarity will doubtlessly Ensue. What will tomorrow bring?

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