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Pyramid of Capitalist System:
American and Russian
Communist Art Propanda

"I am not prepared to be a tsar.
I never wanted to become one.
I know nothing of the business of ruling.”
—- Nicholas II

From A Maze Of Wikipedian Historical Military, Political, Ideological And Philosophical Articles All Alike. (it's dark here; I may be eaten by a grue.)

"Pyramid of Capitalist System", published in a 1911 "Industrial Worker" issue, the magazine of the radical, at times violent Industrial Workers Of The World labor union. More commonly known as "The Wobblies", most IWW members were murdered by the police, US State National Guards - but at the orders and in the pay of such Millionaires as John D. Rockefeller - private security firms as the "Brink's Men", by American Fascists such as the American NAZI Party - active well before WWII and still prominent! - and the FBI under profoundly Anti-Communist J. Edgar Hoover.

It's a Derivative Work from a 1900 Pamphlet published by the Union Of Russian Socialists. The anonymous original caricatured not Capitalism but Imperialist Russia: at the top of the above is a large Money Bag, but at the top of the Russian original are Czar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandria Feodorovna ("Daughter Of Theodore").

To the left at the very bottom are the Workers, one of them bearing red Communists flags, to the right are the Farmers, a middle class American farmer holding a shovel, with desperately poor Russian Serfs bearing all the weight of the far-wealthier people their shoulders with the rightmost being quite an elderly man. In the Russian's Bottom-Right corner a homeless man cries out in grief at his tragic poverty.

At the bottom-middle of the Russian and about one-quarter from the right in the American are young mothers each grieving their dead children. The American woman's other daughter uses a small shovel to reach up to the drunken banquet's platter.

To Be Continued.

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