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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Adolf Hitler, NAZI Germany,
World War II and the Holocaust

I advance the hypothesis that the rise of Genocidal Fascism in Germany
follows logically from the ancient Roman legend of Romulus' murder of his brother Remus.

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

Saturday, August 8, 2018

The Tagline - the term I personally prefer to "Site Description" of "I See Pitchforks" is blockquoted thus:

Those of us who do study history are forever condemned to dwell in sorrow because we understand all too well just why history had to be the way it actually was.

I aced History, Literature and English all the way from pre-school through my BA - yes, a Bachelor Of Arts in Physics. Over the years since I changed my Caltech major from Physics to Literature - and yes: I Am Absolutely Serious - I have become completely convinced that among the very up fucked-up clusterfucks of a decision I have ever made was to decide at eight years old to be a Chemist when I grew up.

No, I should have gotten a BA in Liberal Arts from an East Coast Ivy League then devoted my career to writing.

As of late I've been toying with the idea of re-applying to continue my Lit studies at Caltech. Again: I Am Absolutely Serious. Every major is available at the Institute, I expect because of people like me; I wasn't the only Liberal Arts major there. There were others.

As I was walking back to Ricketts House after changing my major at the Registrar's office, I happened upon Richard Feynman; Dr. Feynman shared the 1965 Physics Nobel with Schwinger as well as Tomanaga of Japan. As I've said before I didn't know him well but he and I spent quite a lot of time talking over Thought Experiments. It happens that Clinical Depression and even Suicide are endemic among members of a cult that denotes itself as "The Caltech Community":

Me: "I've learned all the Physics I need to know. I just changed my major to Literature!"

Feynman: "I'm very happy for you!"

I was puzzled about his obviously enthusiastic response for a great many years I at first figured it was the result of his observations of my frequently-depressed demeanor during our conversations, but eventually came to realize that it was far more likely of Feynman's own regret for having led the Computing Divison at Los Alamos.

While he wasn't religious, Feynman was of Jewish heritage: the Hiroshima Bomb was intended for Berlin, but then the US, Britain, what was left of the French Navy, Canada, even Mexico screwed up the Manhattan Project's plans in a purely conventional way.

When you go to all the trouble to make The Bomb, it sure seems like a huge waste of time not to drop it on someone. Surely You Must Agree.

If I do go back to Caltech, or perhaps some other school - most likely U of Washington in Seattle, or maybe Stanford - I'll actually double major in Lit and History.

And yes: Stanford. Even Caltech dropouts are in high demand in Palo Alto! I Am Absolutely Serious. It will help that I don't plan to major in CS, Physics or EE.

It happens that John Steinbeck, the Nobel Lit Laureate author of "Grapes Of Wrath", "Of Mice And Men" and a gut-wrenchingly tragic novelette called "The Pearl" attended Stanford but dropped out to start his writing career.

I expect Steinbeck as well learned all the Literature he needed to know.

I totally spaced where I was going with this. Sometimes I have a brain like a squid:

It's trivially easy for me to derive Adolf Hitler, NAZI Germany, World War II and the Holocaust from the murder of Remus by his brother Romulus.

That's going to require quite a few Walls Of Text from me, but it's quite a lot easier to understand by considering the Siege Of Masada: there was a Jewish sect I at first thought was called the Zealots but just now Wikipedia corrected me - it was a Zealot spliner group called the Sicarii, who had an irritating habit of slitting Roman throats at public events then blending back into the crowds so as to evade capture.

The word came down for all the Sicarii to be arrested then executed, doubtlessly on crucifixes which at the time were widely used - strangely, despite the New Testament specifically stating that two others were crucified on each side of Iesu it's quite common for even the most-sincerely faithful Christians to somehow believe that Iesu was the only man to ever be crucified.

Anyway when the preset day arrived to round up the usual suspects, the Sicarii were nowhere to be found. Eventually the Romans discovered them at Masada, a fortress on the top of a high, tall plateau. King Herod had Masada custom-built as a safe retreat in the event his subjects revolted.

The fortressed could only be entered via a narrow, steep stairway. The Romans built a catapult but it was not powerful enough to reach the top, so the Romans employed Jewish slaves to build a broad, steep ramp by digging up the surrounding desert. To while away the days during the ramp's construction, the Romans amused themselves by committing such atrocities as hurling elderly Jews up against the cliff with their otherwise-useless catapult. They were met with such Sicarii responses as "I already gots one" and "I fart in your general direction".

The day finally came that the ramp was complete. The soldiers marched up the ramp, I expect climbed over the walls with ladders only to find that every last Sicarii had committed suicide!

Eventually a terrified mother emerged from a cavern with her two young children. It's from her story that the Roman historian Josephus wrote of lots being drawn to select ten men who ran all the others through with swords, eventually to take their own lives themselves.

The huge, powerful Juggernaut of the Roman Empire was thereby humiliated. What Would Caesar Do?

Caesar ordered a Diaspora. It's more common known as "The Diaspora" or "The Great Diaspora", but Diasporas had been previously employed a few times to punish other peoples. Every last Jew was driven from Israel at spearpoint, eventually to be abandoned all over North Africa, Southern Europe, Asia Minor and Arabia.

TODO:Finish This

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