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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Thirst Of The Mind:
Psychogenic Polydipsia Kills!.

Be advised that Polydipsia is more commonly known as "Water Toxicity".

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

Friday, November 30, 2018

And yes, while uncommon, water and water alone really does kill someone from time to time due to Hyponatremia - "Less" or "Lower" Sodium. Such Hyponatremia once put me in the Emergency Room with quite severe Orthostatic Hypotension: low blood pressure when I arose from a sitting position as well as when I was standing.

The correct functioning of our hearts quite crucially depends on the concentrations of our Blood Electrolytes - mostly Sodium and Potassium. A friend of Bonita's was permanently disabled when a Fad Diet's very low salt content stopped her heart.

The Sacramento Police once looked into whether a crime may have been committed by a Talk Radio Host who conducted an On-The-Air Water Drinking Contest to realize only too late that so very much water led one of his contestants to Drop Dead Right There On Live Radio!

Ripping Off Wikipedia Enables Me Just Now To Quite Proudly Proclaim That:

An anticholinergic agent is a substance that blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the central and the peripheral nervous system.

This is common with a wide variety of Recreational Pharmaceuticals, as well as for us Wingnuts some of our Happy Pills, for me most severely the Antidepressant Elavil (amitryptline).

While dry mouths and tongues do get some very brief benefit from sipping water, that this is so common and can be so severe that drugstores often carry a couple brands of the ever-so-appetizingly-entitled "Artificial Saliva". My Children, Let Us Hold Hands And Pray That That Particular Magic Elixir Is Not Drawn From The Mouths Of Camels. AMEN.

There are several varieties of Polydipsia; that of Alcohol was at first denoted as "Dipsomania", later Alcohol Polydipsia and in modern clinical texts, "Alcohol Dependence Syndrome, episodic use". (Episodic in that it comes and goes, and so is not Chronic.)

Polydipsia as well as Polyuria - excessive urination - are far more commonly a symptom of some of the very worst forms of untreated Diabetes. The urine of those who have Diabetic Polydipsia smells sweet or "fruity", due to the Kidneys' secretion of excess Blood Sugar.

(The breath of a lady I was once with always smelled of grapes, despite that she never ate them nor drunk any of their juice during time together. Having learned of what I write immediately above many years later leads me to speculate that she herself had untreated Diabetes.)

Quite a serious symptom of Diabetes is Ketoacidosis, which leads one's urine to smell just like Fingernail Polish Remover as the Kidneys secrete Ketones. Ketoacidosis is commonly yet incorrectly confused with Ketosis, in which extremely high-protein, somewhat high-fat but profoundly low-carbohydrate diets lead the reaction products of the oxidation of one's fat to be Ketones - such oxidation far more commonly is only that of Glucose. These low-carb diets are denoted as "Keto" Diets as of late; the first recorded hi protein/lo carb diet was known as "Banting" in the mid to late Nineteenth Century.

My own Psychogenic Polydipsia while uncommon is well-documented however it remains quite poorly understood: for twenty solid years I begged every last Medical and Mental Health Professional I could convince to sit still and listen to my pleas to somehow figure out just why I was so very thirsty!

The poor prognosis of Diabetes as well as it's high incidence in the population always led all those Bones and all those Witch Doctors to immediately order Fasting Blood Sugar Tests: "But Doc, I can't be Diabetic or I would have been dead decades ago! In any case, my Blood Sugar is always normal."

And friends, every last Goll-Durned Time my tests came back normal, with the immediate result that such merely Alleged Medical or Mental Health "Professionals" completely lost interest in diagnosing my thirst. When I protested, every last one of them quite clearly regarded me as a Hypochondriac!

It was not until my fellow Kuron - Kuro5hin Member "mariahkillschickens", my friend Ann dissected euthenized shelter cats in preparation for her own Pre-Med Application! - a Buffalo, New York Emergency Room Resident by some manner of Grace Of The Almighty treated a profoundly Schizophrenic man who was always begging for his trusted and cherished friends the Urinal Jugs. This led Mariah to read up on his Polyuria, only to find merely the suggestion that he and I both had Psychogenic Polydipsia.

However, it was only just now while looking up the various kinds of Polydipsia that I found the suggestion that what's regarded as an uncommon side-effect of such Antipsychotic Medications as the Trilafon (perphenazine) that I take for Visual Hallucinations - only very rarely Auditory ones - Paranoia and other Delusions, as well as the Zyprexa (olanzapine), Seroquel (quetiapine), Risperdal (risperidone) and the Prolixin (fluphenazine) that I've been prescribed previously is in reality completely confused with Anticholinergic Cotton Mouth.

The Mind Simply Reels.

But it's late and I want to bathe by candlelight before turning in for my Beauty Rest.

My own personal Polydipsia is not at all the same "Raging Unquenchable Thirst" as that of Diabetes, rather it is a POWERFUL Compulsion to drink liquids, hot or cold.

That is, I've always got to be chugging water, milk, coffee or tea through a Steel-Belted Radial Beer Bong or I go completely bananas. It's not even remotely like the actual thirst I feel upon getting up from bed, having filled my bladder all night long, nor that have having been out in the hot sun nor that of heavy exercise.

I Remain Clueless.

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