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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

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Manic Writing:
A Day at the Dump, Afterword

At this time (a little over a year later), a funky van that belongs either to John, or one of his many comrades-in-trash, has been parked on my driveway for two weeks now. Again, it encroached slowly. I decided just today that I will ask him to move it tommorrow.

I just went out and looked, and piled on my driveway, between the van and the garage, is a huge pile of trash, including four surfboards and a kiddie pool. For some time, there were about forty large carboard barrels stacked on the side of my house and in my backyard.

John has arranged some old pieces of picket fencing around my trashcans, I think to assert his sovereignty over them.

You should meet him. He really is a sweet guy. Just completely off his rocker.

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