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While Tsutomu is written up in Wikipedia because a dead-tree publisher purchased his manuscript for "Takedown", I myself am not considered notable enough because I feel it's not my job to perform literature research for Wikipedia's editors. Of all my writing the following most-concisely expresses my experience of mental illness: I was Interviewed by CBC Radio Today http://www.warplife.com/mdc/books/vancouver-diaries/wiretap-interview.html As I wrote that the same day as my interview it doesn't link to the recording of the interview itself. I have never heard it because at the time I did not live in Canada. I had long forgotten it until just yesterday when I puzzled over why Bing Webmaster Tools reported that my site was showing up in a search for "wiretap interview". There are many technical problems with my website, some quite petty others quite serious. I recently clued into that by fixing at least some of those problems I will enjoy yet another fifteen minutes. I have been on CBC twice, my first interview being in 2004. I have heard that one; I remain irritated that my interviewer quite bluntly interrupted me when I mentioned something he regarded as unconventional. By contrast I was very happy with my 2009 interview. In February 2010 I appeared on CNN a few hours after a professional colleague by the name of Andrew Joseph Stack III burned down his own house - thereby leaving his wife and children homeless - then crashed his plane into the six-storey Austin, Texas IRS building, taking the life of Vernon Hunter. The IRS convened a Board of Inquiry whose only response was to recommend that one extra security guard be posted at each of its office buildings. Joe Stack took his own life to draw attention to the fact that Senator Ted Kennedy agreed to move some legislation that was originally intended to favor a certain type of high-tech recruiting agency - they are commonly known as "headhunters" - at the expense of their competitors in the recruiting business. As IRS Section 1706 applies only to consulting electrical engineers, consulting architects as well as consulting software engineers such as myself, but not to attorneys, accountants nor direct mail brokers it is clearly in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment's mandate for equal protection under the law. It would be trivial to overturn Section 1706 through the courts. However only us consulting software engineers, architects and electrical engineers have standing to complain. Having grown weary of working in an industry I regard as morally reprehensible and so casting about for some other line of work to take up, I find that I enjoy reading legal textbooks. While law school and the bar exam are without a doubt quite difficult they cannot hold a candle to CERNLIB. One fine day I shall act Pro Per before the Supreme Court of the United States so as to overturn the legislation that provides for 1706. I don't get no respect. -- Rodney Dangerfield Despite that the law as well as I expect Supreme Court precedent guarantees psychiatric hospital patients the right to a toilet - and to use it unobserved - in 2012, when I brought a drug overdose victim to its emergency room, Oregon Health & Sciences University Police Officer Angel locked me in a bare concrete cell with no toilet, food, water, legal counsel nor any way whatsoever to contact the outside world. The medicine I take to ease my paranoia gives me a raging, unquenchable thirst known as "Psychogenic Polydipsia" - "Thirst of the Mind". To the best of my knowledge there is no treatment for it. The damage seems to be permanent in that I am still thirsty when my prescriber changes my prescription or when I take no medicine at all. Pschogenic Polydipsia can kill you but in my case it is... "only" life-limiting in that I plan my whole day around where I can find places to take a leak. I pointed this out to Officer Angel as well as the Emergency Room nurses but that served only to anger them. When I had no choice other than to urinate in my pants I chose the floor instead. Two other OHSU Officers hurled me against the concrete wall, yielding a pinpoint concussion at the left end of my left eyebrow. I know very well that most people do not appreciate it when I point out they are incompetent at their work, so as politely as I could I said "Hey! Be careful! You just slammed my head into the wall!" "Oh we'll be careful," replied the dedicated public servant to my left. They then turned me diagonally upside-down then slammed my head into the concrete floor. I was in a coma for about two and a half days. When I regained consciousness while I could correctly visualize the spelling of my own name when I thought about it, I was incapable of spelling it correctly when I tried to write on paper with a pencil. A couple days later my brain injury healed to the point that while my handwriting was quite difficult to read I was able to spell correctly so I wrote a letter to the Portland office of the American Civil Liberties Union to request they act as counsel for my Federal civil rights lawsuit against OHSU. Six months later I received a form letter - unsigned - which informed me that the ACLU only takes lawsuits over violations of the plaintiff's Constitutional rights. I remain unclear as to why my damn near being beaten to death by the police is not a violation of my Constitutional rights but there it is. Not long after I went camping in the desert near Reno, Nevada. That was one of the finest nights of my entire life: I've been to Death Valley three times, through Baja California del Norte to Baja California del Sur, to Burning Man three times as well as the high desert of California - Jushua Tree National Forest as well as near Manzanar, where many born and raised United States Citizen were imprisoned during the Second World War. The following morning I was admitted involuntarily for ten days to the Northern Nevada Psychiatric Center because I told a psychiatrist that I planned to go camping in the desert. See, not being from Reno I was completely unaware that "camping in the desert" is local slang for "committing suicide". On the way from the shrink to the nuthouse I was four-cornered to a bed in a hospital emergency room then injected with Haldol, a powerful antipsychotic that is often abused through its application in quieting mental patients who like to hang out in law libraries. Among my tests to determine whether medical or mental inpatient staff read the state-issued psychiatric inpatients rights information posted on the walls of their own hospitals is to point out that I have the right to wear my own clothes. At Stanford University Medical Center: "I have the right to wear my own clothes." "Sir, if you don't calm down we have the right to sedate you." "That's completely cool but when you do so I want to be wearing my damn suit." In Reno: "You're on a hold. You have no rights!" "That's not what the United States Supreme Court says," as RPD Officer Cox looked on with a wicked grin. While I intended to explain just then a woman in the exam bay next to me lost a loved on. Her parent I thought, then no her husband but from her screams I remained quiet the rest of the day: Her child. Because Haldol quite uncommonly has little effect on me, Mr. You Have No Rights injected me a second time, with a much larger dose then refused me food. The Norther Nevada Psychiatric Hospital, again in violation of the law keeps its restrooms locked for the specific reason that they don't want lovers to have any way to be alone. While I consider marking my territory on the restroom doorknobs, in the end I decided to file yet another Federal civil rights lawsuit but have not done so yet because so much of my time is taken up by Walls of Text such as this mail. Western State Hospital in Lakewood, Washington locks its restrooms too; the nurses there quite aggressively shout "No touching!" whenever two patients so much as hold hands. I remain puzzled because I met several of my own lovers when we were psychiatric inpatients: Love in the Time of Delusion http://www.warplife.com/mdc/books/vancouver-diaries/wiretap-interview.html#love -- Michael David "Mike" Crawford, Consulting Software Engineer Solving The Software Problem http://www.warplife.com/mdc/ goingware@gmail.com +1 (503) 688-8345 Every Deity Hath the Insight to Foretell the Future, Yet G-d Almighty Himself Possesseth not the Power to Undo the Past.