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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Financial Mismanagement is a
Hallmark Symptom of Bipolar Mania

"Mike can't do math."
-- Frances Bonita Hatcher

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

Monday, July 30, 2018

Copyright © 2018 Michael David Crawford. All Rights Reserved.

I recently spent fifteen thousand dollars in just eleven days.

I have no regrets: It Was Glorious.

That I am now penniless has me back to dining at the Portland Rescue Mission. I expect Dave Dahl must have slept there back in the day: if I eat breakfast at the Rescue Mission I can take with me as many loaves of fresh-baked Dave's Killer Bread as my heart desires.

I've also gone back to singing on the street to raise my bus and light rail fare. It's cool as I enjoy singing and as well plan to record a vocal album this summer. Just yesterday I was quite stoked to find a twenty-dollar bill in my tip jar. I bought some ice cream with it.

It was good.

I bought a pack of fifty ball-point pens because - despite being seriously overcommitted - I planned to organize a homeless voter registration drive. And yes: homeless people can vote, it's just that for their voter registration form's home addresses they have to state where they spend most of their time. I myself was once registered at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Had Office Depot clipboards in stock I would have purchased a half-dozen. I was also planning to get an ironing board for use as a table for my homeless voters-to-be.

I didn't regard blowing all that money as a real problem because my budget left a thousand dollars un-budgeted. I did that so I would still have money were an emergency to arise.

Heh: "emergency".

I even overdrew my checking account by registering globalemployerindex.jobs. At $159.00 a pop, the ".jobs" Top-Level Domain is quite pricey. I have no plan to actually use that domain; rather it was a "defensive registration": I registered it so as to prevent a more-nimble competitor from making off with my plans to develop The Global Employer Index.

That Bonita asserted I can't do math is because if I have a thousand dollars and want to purchase a five hundred dollar item, that's OK because I have a thousand. If I then want to purchase a second five hundred dollar item, that's OK because I have a thousand. And if I want to purchase a third, that's OK because I have a thousand.

And yes: I really do think that way. That's why I really do have a budget, M'Kay?

Most of that fifteen went to pay for truly wise purchase of items that I really needed, such as the used but warranteed MacBook Pro that now enables me to develop macOS Device Drivers with what is known as the Two-Machine Debugger. Before I bought it I always had to borrow Macs from my clients.

Having that MacBook Pro also means that when I call on clients I will bring with me an actual Macintosh with me to their offices. To be a Mac specialist yet carry around the very cheapest Windows laptop that money can buy would undoubtably lead my potential clients to regard me an impostor.

I've been quite distressed not because a CT scan recently turned up what is likely to be cancer on my right kidney, but because I'm so far behind with my health insurance payments that my understanding was that my insurance would be cancelled day after tomorrow.

However I did make a payment to Molina. I called just now to discuss a payment arrangement. Molina's helpful call center guy informed me that because of that payment, I now have until the end of August to cough up $292.44. I'm confident that I can actually do so.

Get This:

Mental hospital patients have the legal right to manage our own financial affairs. In the State of California that we have that right is stipulated by the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act.

That means that were I admitted - even involuntarily - to a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, I would still have the legal right to blow another fifteen grand on the Washington State Lottery.



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