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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder

Why Does It Have To Be So Hard?

To assert that a particular technology is an amoral tool that is
independent of the evil mspursuits that it could be applied to is morally reprehensible.

West Grand Avenue,
Grover Beach, California,
August 2012

My name's Mike. What's yours?

Danny. I couldn't place his accent.

Where're you from?


I Am Very Sorry For Your Pain.

The Right Tool For The Job

Airbus recently announced the successful completion of a twenty-six day long test of its Zephyr solar powered high-altitude drone. It runs on batteries during the night then recharges them during the day.

Suggested applications include monitoring the spread of wildfires as well as military reconnaiscence.

Don't we have enough Military Reconnaisence already?

Consider that we nuked Japan with the technology of the early 1940s. What can we do with the technology of 2018?

"Killer App" indeed.

I see a very basic moral problem here. For me personally with my background in Physics I'm heavily into nuclear weapons. I think they're quite cool, I mean they really are. Especially that what they denoted as a "Computer" during the Manhattan Project was some really smart kid with a Table Of Logarithms and an Adding Machine.

Now consider that today we have AI and Nanotechnology going like gangbusters.

Ooh! Ooh! Hey come here Dave, this is Soe Kewal! I know what to do, let's sell this LOOK SHINY! to the United States Marine Corps!

This brings to mind an anonymous Soylent News post about the discovery by researchers that idle Google Android phones transmit ten times as much data to Google as idle iPhones do to Apple:

how anonymous is your data? And the meta data from different "anonymous" sources often can unveil your anonymity with 99.99% accuracy.

People working with the data are usually too preoccupied with the cool shit they're able to do and won't understand why no one else is quite as thrilled as they are. They have blinders on and just hand wave away the bad things as unlikely or the worst "there is no expectation of privacy anymore" as if the fact that someone can see you driving down the road is even close to the same thing as mass privacy violations.

We are building a web that will trap us all and it will become increasingly difficult to dig the tumor out once it creeps into so much of our infrastructure.

Defense industry engineers are paid quite a lot more than even most Generals. They certainly work in much nicer environments - at the worst it's a cube farm, at the best it's Google where none of the lunchrooms have cash registers and there are sushi fridges all over Creation with a whole bunch of good folk working full time to biff the old Sushi rather than give it to the poor then restock with fresh Sushi.

other day I came across a whole bunch of declassified photos from Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as many from Nagasaki that were taken by a Japanese photographer the day after the blast and I expect while not classified were never published until recently.

I was at first fascinated by many of the photos for example concrete posts along the edge of the bridge had cast shadows of the blast onto the roadway. You could still see those shadows because between them the top of the roadway had been vaporized.

Then I started looking at some of the bodies.

Let's set aside our usual concerns of WON'T SOMEONE THING OF THE CHILDREN? and pause but for a moment to think about your cat, or, at your option, your dog.

Because atomic blasts are not very "brisant" (BRY-zent) - that is, not "shocky" - it happens that if you're not directly exposed to the blast you won't even be deafened when a Bomb goes off right on top of you. (To not be exposed to the radiation blast you'd have to be shielded by a "High-Z" material - that is, chemical elements with lots of Electrons such as Iron Oxide that red bricks are made of.)

In both cities there were at first lots of survivors. I learned of this when my eighth grade English class read John Hersey's Hiroshima. Of those that were killed many weren't from the blast but either being hurled around or having something else hurled at them.

Fires started all over the place.

In the Spring of 2011 I saw in the Tacoma paper what I expect were some declassified photos. While it's commonly said that Hiroshima was of no military significance whatsoever, actually it was Japan's most-industrialized city. It's not like those people were making Tesla Roadsters.

One photo that I spent quite a long time staring at in quiet, grim contemplation depicted mostly shredded pieces of sheet metal. Imagine one such piece coming your way.

I want to know: what becomes of your cat?

I bring up cats specifically because I read a story by a Palestinian guest worker in Kuwait who at the time of Iraq's invasion let his cat out then fled the country. What did that cat have to eat?

Dead soldiers I expect.

Among of the very-most precious photos in my possession are those of some animals at a Guatemalan wildlife rehabilitation center. Of those absolutely the most heart-rending photo depict what I expect may be the world's smallest wildcat - smaller even than a housecat. Someone captured it unlawfully from the jungle, kept it as a pet then I expect it ran away from home.

It was turned over to the wildlife center when someone found that particular pishi rooting through a pile of garbage.

Cat's don't understand war. Yeah they're Apex Predators; it's true that cats sometimes kill other cats but those are rather more personal duels rather like that of Aaron Burr and [TODO: Who did Burr duel with?].

Cats don't know what that bright flash was.

Cats don't know why the feel so weak. Why they vomit so much.

Why all their fur is falling out.

How do you explain Pearl Harbor, the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, Midway Island, Iwo Jima, Island Hopping, the Manhattan Project and Radiation Sickness to your pets?

A while back a great deal of Hullabaloo erupted when a bunch of Syrians were killed by Sarin gas. Let's for a moment again set aside whether it was the Syrian military or the rebels who actually employed it. One thing we have always known - because it's always been well-documented by International Arms Control Agencies - that Syria is possessed fo vast quantities not only of Sarin, actually what I understand is a volatile liquid but also VX which I personally find far-more horrifying than Sarin.

Wikipedia says VX has the consistency of motor oil. It's classified as an "Area Denial Weapon" because what you do is spray a fine mist of it up in the sky then everything gets coated with this thin layer of oil which slowly evaporates. That it's an Area Denial Weapon means you can't go there anymore because you'll breathe the fumes.

And Wikipedia's article on VX... let me check if it's still there... yes, the VX article still has its laboratory preparation.

I once had a read of the Talk Page flame-fest about that preparation.

The defense posited that there's lots of other undiscussed chemistry as well as that one particular precursor is heavily controlled. I expect it would be just like it would be were I to try to purchase Fuming Nitric Acid to clean a telescope mirror But Good before I chemically silvered it.


Haven't they even heard of Alchemy?

If you can't purchase the precursor at Canadian Tire or Whole Foods then just SYNTHESIZE THE FUCKING PRECURSOR'S PRECURSORS.

Look: NASA says that the very-most basic requirements for life are Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus and Carbon.

More or less what you do is swill those ingredients around more or less at random for a billion or two when quite suddenly and completely out of nowhere you have Fuck Beta and Slashdot Media Dot-Com.

If G-d can screw around with a half-dozen chemicals only to come up with Kim Kardashian popping a champagne cork with the resulting fountain arcing neatly into a goblet neatly balanced atop that profoundly photogenic ass of hers then surely The American NAZI Party - which was established well before World War II then continued to exist all the way through - can wipe out all the red, brown, yellow, and black folk just by hanging out in a library.

Lorenzo's Oil is a quite-definitely Hollywood Movie that's based on a very true and very grim story of a very rare genetic illness that caused so much of a specific fatty acid to build up in Lorenzo's blood that it dissolved away all the Myelin sheaths that previously coated his nerves bundles thereby rendering the entire lengths of all of Lorenzo's nerves electrically conductive with his blood.

To have that as Peter Ustinov's character said "Most-Cruel Disease" is not just inconceivably painful but it only happened to young boys, none of whom lived past the age of twelve.

Lorenzo's father was an Italian diplomat. Hit mother was for the most part a housewife but I expect had a university degree. As portrayed in the movie she was quite intelligent.



My fuck, this gets on my nerves sometimes.

Let's get back to Syria's Nerve Agents. Remember Syria's Nerve Agents?

"Agents" because they're not always gases.

Obama threatened Syria usurous overdraft fees unless Assad handed over all that Sarin and all that VX to international arms inspectors. Syria also committed to destroying not just its chemical weapons factories but also its chemical weapons research laboratories. These would only posses very small quantities of Nerve Agents but were advancing Syrias's knowledge as to how to more-productively make the stuff; I expect their researchers were coming up completely new Bags Of Tricks as well.

Two years later I read that less than one percent of Syria's chemical weapons stocks had actually been destroyed. I don't think any of its chemical plants or scientific labs were destroyed at all.

It Gets Better!

Syria was a Soviet Client State during the Cold War for no particular reason other than that Israel was a US Client State.

The Soviets supplied Syria with a whole bunch of SCUD Medium-Range Ballistic Missiles, each of which can strike anywhere in the Holy Land.

The Syrian people are no slouches: they are an ancient culture. In a great many ways Arab and Persian education put that of America completely to shame.

The Syrians souped-up all those SCUDS. They didn't need longer range but I expect they're now more accurate; perhaps they can accept heavier warheads.

And they've still got all that Sarin and VX.

Were Assad to give the OK, all those SCUDs would be launched all over Israel or possibly - I don't know what their range is - all over Europe on just the right time of the year so as to yield just the right weather conditions so that when their warheads spray fine mists of all that VX it coats the entire Holy Land - or perhaps the entire Parisian Metropolitan Region - with a fine mist of Motor Oil.

Assad just denied A Whole Bunch Of Area to all forms of life for the next five years.

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