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Michael David Crawford,
Consulting Software Engineer

Software failure is fundamentally a human problem, not a technical one.

Purely technical solutions fail to effect truly meaningful and lasting change.

13852 NW 10th Ct #F
Vancouver, WA 98685

What I Can Do for Your Company

I write computer software, emphasizing sound architecture, robust implementation and unquestionable quality.

I am one of the very best there is at debugging and performance tuning.


I strive to achieve quality, correctness, performance and maintainability in the products I write. I believe a sound understanding and application of software engineering principles is more valuable than familiarity with popular APIs or toolsets. In particular, this makes one flexible enough to handle any sort of programming task.


Process Architect - Solving the Software Problem - 5/2012 - Present

I aim to Solve what I call The Software Problem.

Software failure is fundamentally a human problem, not a technical one.

Purely technical solutions fail to effect truly meaningful and lasting change.

Chief Executive Officer - Dulcinea Technologies Corporation - 8/06 - 5/2012

Financed the development of Warp Life, a 2-D game for iOS, by consulting for Microsoft, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (now Sony Mobile), Data Robotics (Drobo, Inc.), Prgmr.com, Moon Valley Software and GuardianEdge Technologies. Configuring and securing Apache httpd web server. Development in C++, Objective-C and C with Xcode and GNU Toolchain on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Principal Software Engineer - Applied Micro Circuits Corporation - 7/2007 - 10/2008

Maintaining Mac OS X kernel extensions (device drivers) for AMCC's line of Serial ATA (SATA) and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID controllers with Xcode, C++ and the GNU gdb debugger.

Software Engineer - Atimi Software - 8/2006 - 5/2007

Custom software development for Atimi's clients: a Mac OS X ColorSync color management Photoshop plugin, a Windows file format engine, and iSCSI, SAN and RAID storage software and device drivers. Wrote Objective-C and C++ with Xcode and Visual Studio.

President - GoingWare, Inc. - Expert Software Development and Consulting
1990 - 1997 (part time), 1998 - 8/06 (full time)

Custom software development for worldwide clients, including software publishers, financial investment firms, application service providers (ASP), commercial web sites, and embedded device manufacturers.

Senior Software Engineer - WebCom - 12/97 - 3/98

Modifying the Apache httpd web server source code for use by a web hosting service. TCP/IP sockets programming on Solaris and Linux using the GNU C compiler. Also installing Microsoft Frontpage server extensions.

Software Developer - Live Picture, Inc. (since acquired by Roxio) - 1/97 - 11/97

Upgrading an object-oriented photorealistic image editing and compositing application in C++ on the Macintosh with Metrowerks PowerPlant. Also debugging a Netscape Navigator plug-in for viewing images in the FlashPix file format.

Senior Software Engineer - KnowMed Systems Inc. - 9/96 - 12/96

Writing an object-oriented electronic medical records application in Smalltalk for Windows 95. Implementing user interface, writing client code for Gemstone object-oriented database engine.

Senior Engineer - Apple Computer, Inc. - 3/95 - 8/96

Macintosh Operating System debugging and performance tuning in role of "Debug Meister". Isolated problem component for bugs, assigned them to responsible engineer or fixed them myself. Determined whether new bugs were in Apple's software or third-party products. Extensive use of 680x0 and PowerPC assembly code, also C and C++. Analyzed the performance of system software code, wrote new performance tools, improved performance of Mac OS System Software. Wrote user interface to infrared networking (IrDA) for PowerBook laptop computers.

Software Engineer - Medior, Inc. - 6/94-3/95

Writing Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM applications in C for the Macintosh. Invented and implemented a novel bitmapped graphics lossless compression algorithm and file format.

Research and Teaching Assistant - University of California Santa Cruz - 7/93-4/94

Wrote Monte Carlo simulation software in FORTRAN to calculate the acceptance (sensitivity) of the detector for an Elementary Particle Physics experiment at the Spin Muon Collaboration's facility at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Taught introductory physics lab.

Product Development Manager - Working Software, Inc. - 11/90-6/94

Wrote Macintosh productivity software for retail sale in C and 68000 Assembly. Extensive debugging. Ported Reference Software's Random House Webster's Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus from MS-DOS to Mac OS. Led the development of the Word Services Apple Event Suite, an Inter-application Communications Protocol. Public speaking at conferences and user groups. Hired, trained and managed tech support staff.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer - Apple Computer - 11/89-10/90

Testing the MacTCP 1.0.1, 1.1 and 1.2 TCP/IP drivers. Executed test suites, ported test tool from Kernighan and Ritchey C to ANSI C. 680x0 Assembly Code debugging with MacsBug and SADE debuggers. Use of network protocol analyzers. Assisted the A/UX group in testing the MacTCP implementation in Apple's UNIX port. Wrote new test plan, designed and wrote new test tool in C++ for 1.2.

UNIX System Administrator - Octel Communications - 4/89-11/89

Operating Sun 3 servers and workstations, as well as MS-DOS and SCO Xenix PC/ATs and 386s. Maintenance and development of software tools, troubleshooting and building serial and Ethernet cables.

Programmer - Verde Technologies - 11/87-4/89

Wrote remote sensing image processing software and printer drivers in C on a Sun 3/160. Developed procedures for rapidly debugging code. Updated frame grabber device driver to work with new release of SunOS.

UNIX Technical Support - Microport - 11/86-4/87

Telephone support on Microport System V/AT for the IBM PC/AT (80286 and 80386). UNIX system administration.

Programmer and Manager - Sapiens Software Corporation - 6/86-8/86

Managed programmers writing Star Sapphire Common Lisp, a Common Lisp interpreter in C for the IBM XT. Coding and debugging a very complex program. PC system administration.

Teaching Assistant - California Institute of Technology - 9/84-12/84

Taught Computational Physics in C, Pascal and FORTRAN to students using the IBM PC XT.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow - California Institute of Technology - 6/84-9/84

Research in Astronomy: observed with the Palomar 60 inch telescope CCD camera, analyzed data on a VMS VAX with FORTRAN.

Research Assistant - California Institute of Technology - 6/83-9/83

Measured the ages of three Magellanic Cloud globular clusters by preparing Color-Magnitude diagrams from CCD images. Assisted with observing runs at the Palomar 200 and 60 inch telescopes.


Graduate study in Physics University of California Santa Cruz. 9/93 - 4/94

Bachelor of Arts in Physics at University of California Santa Cruz. 4/85-12/87

Physics Major - California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. GPA is 3.1. 9/82-12/84

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Computer Architecture – University of California Davis. Summer Session 1981

Computer Programming, English Composition – Solano Community College, Fairfield, California. 6/80 – 12/80


Software Engineering

Crawford, Michael D., "The Word Services Apple Event Suite," MacHack Conference Proceedings, 1994.

This is an introductory overview of the protocol.

Crawford, Michael D., "Apple Event Registry: Word Services Suite" Working Software, 1994.

The detailed protocol specification.


Spin Muon Collaboration, Adams, D., et. al "Measurement of the spin-dependent structure function g1(x) of the proton," Physics Letters B, 329:399-406, June, 1994.

Also available in PostScript format from the SMC Web page.

Crawford, Michael D., "A Proposal to Rewrite the Spin Muon Collaboration Offline Data Analysis Software," CERN SMC Internal Report 94-6, 1994.


Mould, J.R., DaCosta, G.S., and Crawford, M.D., "The Intermediate Age SMC Cluster Lindsay 113," Astrophysical Journal, 280:595-599, May 1984.

DaCosta, G.S., Mould, J.R., Crawford M.D., "The Age of the LMC Globular Cluster NGC 2213," Astrophysical Journal, 297:582-592, October 1985.

DaCosta, G.S., Mould, J.R., Crawford M.D., "The Age of the Large Magellanic Cloud Globular Cluster NGC 1651," Astrophysical Journal, 304:265-272, May 1986.

Commercial Products I Have Shipped

For a list of the products I have written, see http://www.warplife.com/mdc/resume/products.html

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