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Recommended Reading

Reviews of my favorite books, and some not-so-favorite ones.

Michael David Crawford P.E., Consulting Process Architect
Salmon Creek Consulting Engineers

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Recommended Reading is where I publish reviews of my favorite books as I read them. In particular, I am going to feature each of the books that I recommend in Soggy Wizards' Clues for the Clueless Clues for the Clueless.

I won't just review technical books, but any book that I read that I think would be worth your time and money to buy and read.

Now that I am both an Amazon Associate and a Powell's Partner, you can help me earn a part of my living from my writing by purchasing the books I review here from Powell's City of Books.

Powell's is located in downtown Portland, Oregon, and is worth the cost of airfare and hotel to visit just for the experience of shopping in what I'm dead certain is the world's largest brick-and-mortar bookstore. I moved to Vancouver, Washington - just across the Columbia River from Portland - in large part because I wanted to spend more time at Powell's.

And yes, if I read a stinker, I will write a disfavorable review so you won't waste your money, or more importantly, your time. I am not just here to flog merchandise, but to provide a useful service.

The Right to Write by Julia Cameron

The Right to Write cover

The Right to Write:
An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life

by Julia Cameron


The years I spent writing articles such as my Clues for the Clueless have been so enjoyable that I have developed an interest both in learning to write better, and in writing professionally.

So I was quite struck to find Julia Cameron's The Right to Write in Second Read Books & Coffee - since renamed Rock City Café - back in Rockland, Maine, near Owl's Head, where Bonita and I used to live before we moved back to Canada. I read a few pages in the cafe, realizing that someday I must read the whole thing, but at the time my work was quite hectic. I did not buy the book because I did not have the time to devote to reading it.

I bought a copy recently as a gift for a friend back in Maine. She is a freelancebook editor, who would also like to write professionally. She is unable to becauseediting for a living has made her so critical of her own writing that she cannot write at all. She has forgotten how to write rough drafts!

I decided I would read my friend's gift before I sent it to her. Yes, tha means that I gave her a used book as a gift. I think she understood.For me, Cameron's book has restored the joy of writing that years of stultifying grammar school English classes took away.

I will have more to say about Cameron's work soon, in particular just whatshe says to work such miracles. The Write to Right is a profoundlyimportant book, one everyone should read, not just professional writers.

Please bookmark this page and come back soon!

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