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Solving the Software Problem's
Bag of Programming Tricks

A series of articles that teach you how to write better code.

Michael David Crawford

Michael David Crawford, Consulting Software Engineer
Solving The Software Problem

Writing Cross-Platform Software: Getting Started

Cross-platform development can mean different things. Jon Watte of Be, Inc. says that "Portable, to some people, means it builds on at least two Linux distributions with various flavors of gcc." It is a spectrum that ranges from porting crusty old legacy code that can only build on one version of a particular compiler and run on one platform to porting an application between different major platforms, to simultaneous cross-platform development by coding to a platform-independent application framework.

I Have a 0-Day Exploit, but Don't Want to Tell You What It Is

Rather than fixing just this one specially-crafted document exploit, I propose to assist the community in fixing a great many exploits. I expect that by doing so, the ones that concern me will get fixed before long. I have the hope that after they are patched, the fixes will be in widespread use before they are discovered to be security holes.

Sermon at the Soup Kitchen

"When I talk to those guys about how to write better code I have the sense that their experience of me is like going to church."

"Many go to church. How many are without Sin?"

"But I didn't learn to preach because I studied at the seminary. It's because I was a derelict on Skid Row until I was saved by..."

Allow Your Aged Grandfather To Tell You How It's Done

If you think the High-Tech Industry is doing quite well these days, consider how much better it would be doing if all of us engineers were to start each work day by pursuing some activity other than opening fire on all of our colleagues with Nine Millimeter Semiautomatic Pistols.

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