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Michael David Crawford

Michael David Crawford, Baritone,

How to Promote Your Business on the Internet

Getting a Google search for software consultant to list my resume on its first page of search results didn't require me to pay a lot of money to a search engine placement service. I didn't have to do anything dishonest, like build a link farm. It didn't cost a cent. It did take time and a lot of hard work, but my method is so simple that anyone could do it - and if you did, the Web would be a better place.

White Hat Search Engine Optimization

A few simple, honest practices can dramatically increase your search engine referrals by making your pages more appealing in search results.

Painless Search Engine Site Submission

Ready-to-click links to the site submission pages of the top search engines. Manual submission of your site through this page is a lot quicker and easier than using site submission software, it's totally free and won't spam you with annoying ads for paid submission packages. You also won't encounter the barriers the search engines use to defend themselves from spamming by the placement robots.

Use Validators and Load Generators to Test Your Web Applications

Ensure that your web pages will render correctly in any browser as well as being accessible to the blind by using valid HTML. Also test your server application's ability to withstand a heavy user load by testing with a load generator during development.

Fix Invalid Affiliate Links with HTML Entities

Affiliate links such as Amazon's cause your web pages to fail validation with obscure error messages. You can make your links valid by using HTML entities.

Earn High by Playing it Clean - Google AdSense tips and tricks that aren't what you expect

I explain how I'm able to earn a living for myself by running a well-designed, legitimate, spam and popup-free website. I wrote this essay because I saw that many of the pages that offer advice on how to earn money from Google AdSense are really scams aimed to get money from clueless and desperate webmasters by offerring to sell them advice that really ought to be as free as the air. In many cases, "AdSense Secrets" pages exist only to attract clicks to the AdSense advertisements placed on them. For that reason, I am committed never to place advertising on this article. I want there to be a safe place for webmasters to turn to without finding hands in their pockets.

It's very common for website operators to make money - or try to anyway - through underhanded means, for example by gaming the search engines with such "search engine optimization" schemes as link farms, or by emailing mass quantities of spam. Is all that really necessary?

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